5 Best Netflix Documentaries on Sustainability

5 Best Netflix Documentaries on Sustainability

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If you’re anything like me then you love a good documentary! I think it's a fun way to sit back and enjoy a movie while still learning something valuable. And right now, Netflix has a ton of great documentary films and series available! 

Here are some of my favorite Netflix documentaries on sustainability:

The True Cost

The True Cost is a must-see film! It tells the story of clothing evolution. From where and how clothes are made to the trending decline in prices, this documentary dives deep into the harsh reality of the fast fashion industry. The film takes us to fast fashion production factories in different countries around the world and shows exactly how unjust this business is. 

I cannot say enough about the importance of this film! Everyone should know about the damage that the fast fashion industry is causing to human trafficking and environmentalism.

Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things

This film is one of my favorite resources for understanding the purpose behind minimalism! Two friends Joshua Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus have written several books and have a podcast deeming themselves “The Minimalists.” Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things follows the pair on their book tour around the US, outlining their journey to minimalism along the way.

Milburn and Nicodemus explain how the minimalist movement is about living with less and finding true happiness along the way. They uncover the ways in which media is designed to make us think that we need to buy things to bring us joy. But in reality, that perspective causes more stress and financial strain than anything. Practicing minimalism on the other hand leaves you with just the things that really matter while also minimizing your carbon footprint!

Mission Blue

Mission Blue is a fascinating documentary following Sylvia Earle’s career as an oceanographer. Her life’s work has revolved around protecting the ocean from threats of pollution and climate change through education and advocacy efforts. It’s a fascinating movie for us to learn more about the damage big corporations are causing the ocean and raise awareness for the danger that our planet is facing if they continue!

Our Planet

This eight-part series communicates the interconnectedness of our world by looking at various climates all over! From jungles to deserts each episode celebrates the wonders of every environment before discussing the threats they face and ways that we can help! I like this series because while it still places great importance on the threats of climate change, it also has a hopeful tone that there are opportunities for change.


Another film about ocean environmentalism, Seaspiracy takes a look at the issues surrounding overfishing, pollution, and climate change. This eye-opening movie unveils the truth about the global fishing industry and our overconsumption of seafood. It points out that it can be difficult to completely understand what major government corporations are doing to harm our oceans, but that our support in joining the international ocean sanctuaries can make a difference.

If you’re short on time but still want to spend a night learning about environmentalism, then check out one of these Netflix documentaries on sustainability! Here’s to small steps in awareness and change for a better planet.

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