5 Ways to Afford a Sustainable Lifestyle

5 Ways to Afford a Sustainable Lifestyle

Photo by Anna Tarazevich

I get it! Many sustainability practices can be too expensive to practically manage. We want what’s best for the planet but we don’t know how to be eco-conscious without a price tag! But don’t worry– there are some super easy budget-friendly ways to cut the stress of looking out for the environment.

Once you become mindful of working with what you have, sustainability and money-saving can go hand in hand!

So, here are 5 simple ways to afford a sustainable lifestyle:

Shop Secondhand

Not only is shopping secondhand more affordable than buying brand-new items, it also prevents perfectly good things from ending up in landfills! When shopping secondhand it’s so fun to find unique pieces that make your wardrobe or home stand out– and for a fraction of the cost! Thrifting treasures are unlike anything you can find elsewhere. You can check out your local thrift, antique, and resale stores to extend the lifetime of already existing items.

Reuse what you already have

Let’s work with what we got! Before heading out to the store to buy yet another water bottle, jacket, or pair of shoes, ask yourself, what do I already have that can do the job? Do I really need to buy something brand new?

Reusing plastic containers and baggies is much better for the environment than constantly buying new ones. And trading unwanted clothes with a friend or relative can be a cool way to swap out your wardrobe for new pieces. The best part of this practice: it comes at no cost to you at all!

Turn out the lights

Be a conscious energy saver! Remember to unplug chargers when you’re not using them and always turn off the lights when you leave a room. These simple habits help preserve energy resources and also cut down on your energy bills, so it’s a win-win!

Recycle properly

Did you know that by recycling one glass bottle you save enough energy to operate a 100-watt light bulb for four hours? There’s simply no excuse to not recycle! It’s a super impactful way to care for the planet and costs nothing for you. 

Make sure to separate all of your recyclable materials from plastic, paper, glass, and metal. And take the time to properly dispose of electronic waste by donating parts or bringing them to an e-waste center!

Rethink your Transportation

If you find yourself always driving everywhere, consider taking an alternate mode of transportation! Instead of driving, bike to work, take public transport, carpool with a friend, or walk. Doing this even just one day a week can have a hugely positive impact on the environment!

Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank! By choosing to be mindful we can care for the planet while saving money. What are your favorite budget friendly sustainability practices?

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