7 of the Best Ways to Earn Money at Home

7 of the Best Ways to Earn Money at Home

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Being a mum is a full-time job! And while your job as a mum will always come first, you may come to a point where you want to start working again– and that’s great! Whether your babies aren’t in school yet or you just enjoy being a stay-at-home mum, there are many work opportunities for you. 

Here are some of the best jobs for you to earn money from home:

1. Online Teacher/Tutor

A super flexible remote work option is online teaching or tutoring! This role allows you to manage your schedule. Work in short lessons throughout your day so you don’t have to stay glued to your computer for hours at a time!

If you’re fluent in English, consider teaching kids across the world through sites like VIP Kid or QKids. You don’t need any prior experience, just the ability to follow their curriculum with clarity and positive energy. If language teaching isn’t your thing, no worries. You can also tutor kids in various subjects on iTutor!

2. Transcriptionist

Transcribing is a super straightforward remote job! You basically get paid to write what you hear. Transcriptionists take recorded audio or videos and put them into written form. This also gives you the flexibility to work from your laptop and transcribe as little or as much audio as you want at a time. A great website to learn more and get started with transcription is TranscribeMe!

3. Virtual Assistant

This is another remote position that provides administrative services to a client online! Responsibilities could include scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, and responding to emails. Essentially whatever your superior needs to help them do their job! To look for virtual assistant positions check out job sites like Indeed or Upwork.

4. Babysitting

If you’re already at home taking care of your kiddos, then why not add a few more into the mix for an afternoon? There’s peace of mind that your mum friends know you and can trust you with their kids. Plus babysitters can be cheaper than daycare for many mums– especially if just for a few hours! It’s a good idea to post on Facebook that you’re a willing babysitter in order to reach your local community. You can also promote yourself as a babysitter on websites like Care.com or UrbanSitter.

5. Sell Crafts

Do you have a crafty hobby that you enjoy? Turn that passion into a money-maker! You could make an Instagram or Facebook page to promote your products or even set up an Etsy shop to expand your little business. The possibilities are endless!

6. Data Entry Clerk

This position may not be the most thrilling, but it’s relatively easy! Data entry clerks typically enter information into an online database, checking for accuracy and completeness. This position could also include creating visual infographics or transcribing notes. There truly aren’t any set requirements for this job either– most employers just look for someone who can type fast and use the basics of Microsoft Excel and Word. 

7. Proofreading

Another convenient at-home remote job is proofreading. As a proofreader, you are responsible for catching last-minute grammar and spelling errors in a written work. So, a love for reading and an eye for detail is crucial! Some awesome professional proofreading sites include Scribendi and Proofreading Pal. Or you can work more as a freelancer finding jobs on Upwork!

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