Diary of a Mum: Mother’s Day

Diary of a Mum: Mother’s Day


When I woke up this morning the house was unusually quiet. I was confused and then immediately concerned as any mum would be. When I went into the kitchen I found my husband David and my daughter Zoe carefully pouring pancakes into a pan. Baby Mattie was playing on the floor with some kitchen utensils. I was pleasantly surprised the kids had let me sleep and David was making a gourmet breakfast. He’s usually more of a cereal kind of guy. “What’s all this?” I asked them, Zoe gave me a gap-toothed smile and told me they were making a special breakfast “for Mum Day.” Not just mum day Dave corrected her, Mother’s Day, because all mums will be celebrating today with their families. 

I had completely forgotten about the holiday with the chaos of the week. David told me I had to wait 10 more minutes before breakfast would be ready. I went to pick up Mattie, who immediately screamed, he wanted to stay in the kitchen with the chefs. With some unexpected time to myself, I went back to bed to text the other mums in Zoe’s class. Our group chat had become the place to share a funny mum meme and ask for a favor or parenting advice. I typed out a quick text, “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mums I know.” I had just started picking up a long-neglected novel on my bedside table when I heard a loud crash from the kitchen. Reading in bed on Sunday morning? Maybe not this Mother’s Day.

When we were all full of pancakes and David had cleaned up the kitchen, he told me he and Zoe were planning a special surprise. I took Mattie for a walk in the stroller. It was a gorgeous day, I felt really light and happy. When Mattie and I arrived home they had set up a mini spa in our living room. There were face masks, cucumbers that Zoe proudly told me she had cut (David and I will have to discuss letting toddlers use knives later), relaxing music, and a nail polish station. It was very thoughtful of them, and while I’ve never been to a spa where you have to paint your own toenails, I had also never had such a memorable Mother’s Day. 

This time last year Mattie was still a newborn, and it was special to have my first Mother’s Day as a mum of 2. However, David and I had been in the fog of sleepless nights and endless bottles so there was no time to relax. Now Mattie had his own funny personality, while Zoe had grown into an amazing girl and a caring big sister. David and I were putting effort into reconnecting with each other after growing apart when I was struggling with postpartum depression. 

To Zoe’s extreme displeasure, I had to breastfeed Mattie and interrupt our mask session. The kids were growing restless and David offered to bring them to the park while I went to a yoga class by myself. He gifted me a 6-month membership to the studio that just opened in town. I had been hesitant to commit to a full membership, it doesn’t seem feasible with 2 young kids, but he told me he knows how important yoga is to me and that we will make it work. 

During my yoga practice, I felt really grateful. For my body, that doesn’t always look the way I want it to but gave me my two beautiful babies. To my husband for knowing what I need, and showing me love in good and hard times. And for myself. Being a mum is the hardest but most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I’m definitely not a perfect mum but I’m doing the best I can and that is enough.

I left the class feeling refreshed and smiling on my way home to my busy house. There are definitely still cucumbers on the floor, but there will be handwritten cards and lots of hugs too. There may even still be time to read my novel. Or maybe I’ll save that for next year.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums.

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