How to Balance Family & Career as a Busy Mom

How to Balance Family & Career as a Busy Mom

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Being a working mom is a constant balancing act. It’s impossible to give 100% to your family and a job at the same time. That’s why it’s so important to find a healthy balance that works for you! Here are 5 ways to balance family and career life as a busy mom.

Remember that comparison kills

I always try to keep in mind that comparison is the thief of joy! No good comes from comparing ourselves to other families and other moms who may or may not have careers. We all balance things differently and that’s a beautiful thing. So let’s focus on controlling what we can control and cheering on each other along the way!

Communicate with your employer

As a working mom, it’s important to maintain clear communication with your superiors. Be sure to establish boundaries between family and work life, so one doesn’t overtake the other. Also, confirm what is regularly expected of you in order to minimize blindsiding tasks and stress. Emphasize that although you value your career, your kids will always come first. Emergencies and situations happen– from sick kids to last-minute school choir concerts. And when they do it’s important that your work knows that family takes priority. By clearly communicating, you’ll find peace of mind that you and your employer are on the same page.

Stay present

Remember to be where you are! If you’re at work focus on being present there and if you’re at home focus on being present with your family. Make sure that you’re not bringing work home with you so that you can fully enjoy time with your partner and kids.

Plan out family time

Sometimes family time can get overlooked, which is why it can be helpful to plan it out! When coordinating busy work and kids' schedules, having the foresight to commit to family time can help hold you accountable. You don’t need an elaborate plan to have sweet family time either. Even just having dinner all together and playing a board game can be just what your family needs!

Ask for help!

Whether this means asking a friend or family member to babysit while you work, or seeking out a quality childcare center, know that it’s okay to ask for help. We aren’t meant to do it all alone! You can have a career and be a great mom at the same time– asking for a little help doesn’t change that.

Although maintaining a job and raising kids at the same time can be tough, you’re exactly the woman for the job. Finding a balance may be a continuous process of trial and error as our kids keep growing and our world keeps changing. Remember that there's nothing you can’t do when you find the right balance between your family life and career

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