How to Still be Fashionable when Pregnant

How to Still be Fashionable when Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful period in a woman’s life full of physical, mental, and emotional adjustments. Your body is doing an amazing thing by growing a tiny human, but it will also suddenly look and feel very different. While you're coming to terms with the new you, style is one way you can maintain your womanhood and still feel like yourself. You may decide to retire your collection of crop tops, but there are a lot of ways you can still be a trendsetter during your pregnancy. Just look at Rihanna. 

Choose breathable, sustainable fabrics 

Pregnant mums can easily overheat due to increased blood flow in their bodies, especially in the final months of pregnancy. To combat overheating, choose light, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool (bonus points if they are sustainable). Dress in layers, which looks put together and will also allow you to adjust the temperature of your outfit on the go.  

Rent not buy 

Buying a whole new pregnancy wardrobe is not good for the planet or a feasible financial option for many women. Why not rent higher-quality pieces instead? At Wo-mum, we create beautiful, sustainable clothing for mums and pregnant mums that you can buy and wear for years or rent for a short period of time. Find them here.

Buy a pants extender

A pants extender ensures you can continue wearing your stylish pants even when your waistline expands. Your favorite jeans that make you feel amazing? With a little help, they can still look just as incredible on you throughout your pregnancy. It’s also a great idea to invest in one high-quality pair of maternity jeans that you can wear often during the late stages of your pregnancy. 

Find pieces that grow with you 

Choose garments that can grow with your body. Wrap dresses are a great option as they can accommodate a growing tummy and look chic even after the baby has arrived. You may also want to invest in some layering pieces like expandable t-shirts (check out ours here), tops/dresses with empire waists, bodycon dresses, and drawstring pants. Clothes you wear during pregnancy don’t always have to always be made for pregnant women, and can still be part of your wardrobe after your little one arrives. 

Invest in bras that fit 

Having undergarments that don’t fit makes you uncomfortable and your clothes fit poorly. Your breasts will become tender during pregnancy which is all the more reason to invest in a few high-quality bras that will support you and help your clothes look better. If you plan on nursing after the baby is born, you should invest early in a nursing bra that you can continue to use after the baby arrives. 

Learn from Rihanna

Rihanna made headlines with her unapologetic pregnancy style. She didn’t conform to maternity style expectations and wore lace slips, crop tops, bralettes, and mini dresses throughout her pregnancy. Mums everywhere can learn from Rihanna that you can still wear sexy or trendy clothing while pregnant. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and with some modifications, still wear garments you love that make you feel amazing. If Rihanna isn’t your #stylegoals, find another celeb whose style you admire and look to them for pregnancy outfit inspiration. 


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