It's Never too Late to Chase After Your Dream Job

It's Never too Late to Chase After Your Dream Job

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I was having lunch with some friends a few weeks ago when the question “What did you want to be when you grew up?” was asked. We laughed about some of the silly answers we’d thought of like becoming a mermaid or astronaut. Then a kind of somber mood fell over our group as we reminisced over some of the careers we’d dreamed of having by this time in our lives. 

But why were we sad? We had accomplished so many of our dreams both professionally and personally. It isn’t like our lives are over now that we’re mums. There is still so much more time to push the boundaries on the jobs we’ve pursued and pursue new ones too! If we believed it was too late to start now, imagine all the potential dreams we would miss out on then. 

Success doesn’t have an age limit

It may sound a bit cliche but it’s true. Not only is it not too late to chase after your dreams, but you likely have an even better chance at being successful at them now than you did as a new adult. We’re more aware of the world around us and what it takes to be successful in our professional lives now. There’s no rule that says that once you hit 35 or 50 years old that it’s too late to start a new career. 

Give yourself permission to dream

It would be easy to look at our lives and think this is it. That there’s no more room for risks or adventures now that we have kids and busy schedules. But that would be robbing ourselves of the present and all of the good that’s still to come! 

Instead, let’s practice taking a step back and giving ourselves permission to dream. Ask what career you could see yourself thriving in or what field you want to learn more about. Dream big dreams! The only thing standing in our way is ourselves.

Be confident in your abilities

The lessons we’ve learned throughout our lives constantly equip us for what’s to come. Whether your dream job is similar to what you have experience in or it’s not even remotely close, the knowledge you have is still valuable! It’s also never too late to start learning a new skill. Look into taking classes online or in person to boost your resume!

From time management to communication, these life skills make you more qualified for the workforce than you might think. So, be confident in your abilities and trust that they can help guide you toward your goals!

Take it one step at a time

Once you’re set on a dream you want to pursue, take it one step at a time! Before you can just become a published author or entrepreneur ask yourself “What needs to happen first?” Breaking down our goals into practical steps makes them more attainable and keeps us from feeling overwhelmed by the unknown! Success won’t come overnight, but we can move toward it little by little.

You’re never too old and it’s never too late to chase after your career aspirations. It all starts with a shift in your mentality and small steps toward the job you want!

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