Life as a Mompreneur: Secrets to Owning a Successful Business as a Mum

Life as a Mompreneur: Secrets to Owning a Successful Business as a Mum

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What could be more challenging than being a mother or a successful business owner? Probably being both at the same time! 

If you’re a mother who doubles as an entrepreneur (like me!) then you get it– being a business owner and a mum is like having two full-time jobs. It means we must be extra intentional at making space for the people who are most important to us.

Whether you’re a mum looking to start your own business or an entrepreneur about to become a mum, here are some of my secrets to success that may help:

Define Success on Your Own Terms

You can’t measure ‘success’ as a mum, because it’s not about achieving anything, it’s about loving your kids to your fullest capacity and watching them grow up into amazing individuals and friends in return! But you can define success in terms of your business endeavors. 

Ask yourself some real questions: 

  • Why did you choose the path of entrepreneurship? 
  • What is your “why” behind your work? 
  • What do you hope to achieve with your business? 

Be honest with yourself about what you want to get out of your business and what you’re willing to give up in order for it to feel successful. This will help you set realistic goals for yourself without facing constant burnout. Also, try to avoid comparing your definition of success with others! Everyone’s outlook on success and ideas of personal fulfillment are different so there’s no reason to compare your situation with someone else.

Keep Your Family at the Top of Your Priority List

Family always comes first! You’ll never get back the time you have with your children as they’re growing up, but you’ll get to keep working on your business once they’re old and out of the house! 

So, be sure to make your children and partner your number one priority, and don’t make excuses for them to be any less– even if it means missing out on a business opportunity from time to time. You won’t regret it in the long term!

Create a Team That Can Work Without You

You truly can’t build a successful business while raising kids without a supportive team of people in your corner. Hire people in your business that share in your vision and goals! Then, practice trusting them with tasks that you don’t always need to be doing. 

I know it’s hard to let go of some of the work you’ve created for yourself, but asking for help and releasing some of that control will free up time and energy that you could be giving to your family! Plus, building a work environment that trusts and respects your priorities will foster greater success for the future of your business.

Involve Your Kids in Small Ways

Another way to find success while balancing family and business is to bring your kids into the action! Be open and honest with them about what you do for work and share with them why you love what you do. This will make them interested and supportive of your business so you won’t feel so alone in it! Plus, when your kids are old enough to help out with simple tasks it could be a great opportunity for them to learn some money-making skills.

Owning a successful business as a busy mum is a challenge, but it’s not impossible! Cultivating transparent priorities and a supportive community can make entrepreneur life a million times easier. For more on how to balance your family and career life as a working mum, check out some more of our advice.

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