Sustainable Gift Ideas

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Photo by Antoni Shkraba

The holiday season is here. For mums, it’s a time for making beautiful family memories but also one of the most stressful periods. Mums already wear many hats in their everyday life. During the holiday period, they also have to put on a Santa hat and find the perfect gifts for everyone in their family. The holiday season can produce a lot of waste. And we’re not just talking about wrapping paper. This holiday season, shop with sustainability in mind. We have eco-friendly gift ideas for everyone on your list.

For your eco-friendly little ones 

Envirotoy makes plastic-free toys and also donates 1% of sales to organizations that reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean. They have a variety of eco-friendly toys for children of all ages including natural baby toys, learning games, eco beach toys, balancing games, wooden puzzles, and also eco-friendly wrapping paper after you’ve selected the perfect gift. 

For your partner that needs a shave

If your partner is starting to grow a Santa beard, why not gift him an eco-friendly razor made from natural bamboo and metal? Jungle Culture has a range of sustainably made products that guarantee fair treatment of workers and 100% organic manufacturing. Their razors pair perfectly with their plastic-free solid natural shaving soaps. 

For mums and expecting mums

At WO-MUM, we design and produce fashionable, comfortable clothing for mums and expecting mums from sustainable and natural materials. Our clothes are designed to be worn during pregnancy and beyond so it’s the perfect investment for the new mum in your life (or for yourself). You can find warm wool coats that can carry a little one inside, pregnancy dresses, nursing tops, and more on our website.

For packaging your holiday gifts

UK brand Ruby & Bo is a 100% sustainable, carbon-positive business that makes greeting cards, wrapping paper, and plantable gift tags. Their plantable paper contains 24 varieties of native British wildflowers that are embedded into handmade paper. Not only is the paper beautiful but it can be used to grow a lovely garden that will remind you of the holiday season. 

For giving the gift of time 

Sometimes the best gifts don’t cost any money. This online platform is set up like a web shop but instead of “purchasing” an item, users can select a present to give to their loved one and send it as an e-card with a personal message. The company, Zeit Statt Zeug is focused on reducing holiday waste and boosting time spent together. You can “buy” “a visit to the zoo rather than a soft toy,” “plant flowers rather than give a bunch of flowers,” “a football game rather than a console” and “a neck massage rather than a scarf.” It’s available in German, English, French, Spanish, Polish, and Czech.

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