The Importance of Giving Meaningful over Material Gifts

The Importance of Giving Meaningful over Material Gifts

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

It’s the season of giving! And with all the Christmas shopping and gift lists to remember, sometimes the holidays can feel a bit over-commercialized. So, instead of gifting another plastic toy or an unnecessary trinket that will just end up collecting dust, it’s important to consider how we can give gifts with more meaning. Rather than just buying anything we can find out of gift obligation, finding little ways to be more intentional can go a long way!

Know that not every gift you give has to come from a huge labor of love and time– that would be exhausting! Just remember that a little intentionality can go a long way when picking out a gift for someone you love.

So let’s talk about some of the reasons why we should strive to give meaningful over material gifts this holiday season. 

Meaningful Gifts are More Personalized!

Picking out or crafting a gift for someone with a heartfelt meaning behind it automatically makes the gift more personalized to that person. When you consider their interests or passions in a gift, your intentionality won’t go unnoticed. Even just remembering that one time your friend pointed out something they liked in a store shows that you listen and care about what they like! Taking the time to pick out or make a meaningful gift automatically makes it more personalized to the person you’re giving to! You can take the time to craft a unique photo album or homemade candles. Or just pay special attention when your friends bring up something that they like! It truly is the thought that counts– so your extra care won’t go unnoticed.

They’re Better for the Environment

When choosing a non-materialistic gift often means that they’re better for the planet! Whether you DIY a photo album or pick out a locally sourced piece of pottery, these types of gifts aren’t single-use which means they can serve a purpose for years to come. So it’s a win-win for everyone! Choosing meaningful gift options often means reducing the consumption of single-use products. Picking out a locally-made ceramic dish or natural candle will serve a continuous purpose so that unnecessary waste doesn’t end up in landfills. It’s like giving a meaningful gift to our loved ones and the planet– a win-win!

Memories last a lifetime

A gift idea that I feel that often gets overlooked is the gift of experience! Buying tickets for your friends’ favorite concert or booking an overnight stay for you and your partner may not come in a massively wrapped package, but the experience itself will provide memories to last a lifetime.

The best type of gifts are the ones that leave us with beautiful memories! Giving experiences instead of material items can be a great way to do this. This gives the person receiving the gift, something to look forward to and the chance to create memories to look back on for years to come. 

Holidays are the perfect chance to let people know you love and appreciate their role in your life! So spend a little extra time and energy picking a gift that will mean a lot to someone, they will most likely never forget it.

Meaningful gifts create a domino effect!

Before you gift your friends yet another mug, ask yourself if it would really be meaningful to that person. to cause a domino effect? When you give someone a gift they are more likely to extend their gratitude by continuing to give to others! So not only do meaningful gifts bless the people around us but they also spread positivity beyond what we can see.

There are so many ways to give this holiday season! So let’s take the time to go the extra mile and give gifts that wont collect dust.

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