The Problem with Maternity Clothes

The Problem with Maternity Clothes

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Unfortunately, the maternity clothing industry is far from perfect. From poor quality materials to a temporary use mindset, maternity clothes are often deemed “throwaway” items– what a shame! There are several problems with the majority of maternity clothes so let’s talk about them!

Lack of Functionality

Many maternity brands sell clothing that just isn’t functional for soon-to-be mums. Either the sizing is unpredictable or the materials easily lose their shape in the wash. Maternity clothes are also often too casual for professionally working pregnant mums. Even when we find maternity clothes that fit well, the materials are often uncomfortable. And don’t even get me started on postpartum wear– it can feel impossible to breastfeed in impractical clothing.

Maternity Clothes are Used Temporarily

Additionally, even when we do find that perfect maternity dress or pair of jeans, these pieces are typically only used temporarily. Not only is this a huge waste of money, it’s also a major blow to the environment! Temporarily wearing maternity clothes leads to excessive textile waste as no longer-needed items get thrown in the trash. It’s a vicious cycle that many mums can’t seem to find an end to.

Many Maternity Clothes Aren’t Fashionable

The common trend with maternity clothes are “potato sack” looking garments. Unfortunately, many clothing brands don’t take the time to consider style when designing their pieces, leaving mums with frumpy shirts and dresses. But this doesn’t have to be the case! You deserve to wear flattering clothes that show off your incredible body– even during pregnancy.

Sacrificing Quality for Quantity

Many women turn away from high-quality maternity clothes because of the cost; eventually ending up with cheap and uncomfortable pieces that support the damaging fast fashion industry. Not only does this increase textile waste, but it also means that as cheap pieces quickly fall apart mums have to continuously spend money on more maternity wear. So instead of wasting time, money, and materials on low-grade maternity clothing, it’s worth investing in quality maternity clothes that serve your needs through pregnancy and beyond.

Believe it or not, we don’t have to settle for these maternity clothing letdowns. There are options that support functionality, fashion, and long-term use all in one! Of course, it would be wrong not to mention our own maternity brand– these reasons are why WO-MUM was created! Our maternity garments are intentionally designed to combat these unfortunate maternity clothing problems so that mums can feel beautiful in every stage of motherhood. 

WO-MUM’s pieces allow new mum’s the opportunity to look stylish wherever they are! Our pieces are also fully functional, allowing you the ability to easily breastfeed on the go and comfortably fit around your bump. The best part is that all of our products are sustainably made to last. We believe in protecting our planet by reducing waste, which is why WO-MUM mothers have the option to rent our pieces for 6 months or more!

Maternity wear has had an unlucky bad rap for its impracticality and lack of style– but it doesn’t have to stay that way. So next time you’re shopping for some new high-quality maternity wear, consider WO-MUM’s sustainable apparel.

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