Why you Should Resolve to Rest this New Year

Why you Should Resolve to Rest this New Year

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Unfortunately, many people don’t follow through on their new year’s resolutions. Oftentimes we set goals that are too lofty or demanding, which leave us feeling exhausted and defeated. So when looking for realistic and sustainable goals for this year I find myself continuously coming back to one thing: rest.

I know it may seem simple and maybe even lazy, but resting with intention is one of the best ways to care for ourselves and those around us. 

Avoiding Burnout

First of all, resting with purpose can help us avoid burnout in the long run. When we overcommit to things without allotting ourselves enough time to recover, we can end up tired and disappointed. But we deserve rest! 

In fact, rest is absolutely fundamental to our well-being. Both physical and mental health is significantly boosted by rest. We can’t give others our energy without first caring for ourselves– and rest is one of the best ways to reenergize!

Increasing Productivity

Additionally, rest increases our productivity! When we’re not working 24/7 we’re able to make the times we do work even more efficient. Rest also has been proven to decrease fatigue and increase alertness– so it’s a win-win!

What does Real Rest Look Like?

Instead of shaming ourselves for the moments when we do find rest or making lists in our heads of what we should be doing instead, real rest excludes that nonsensical guilt. It’s the practice of consciously resting with intention!

One way to practice real rest is by scheduling it into your life. If you know you have a busy week ahead, try to work in an hour of no plans to just rest. Or better yet, block out at least half a day after the chaos to intentionally rest.

It’s also important to remember that rest can look different for everyone. For some of us, being outside on a walk is restful, while for others, laying in bed all day is the most rejuvenating! It can be a process of trial and error to find what practices are the most restful for us. Once you find it,  rest becomes a natural habit. 

Above all, we have to keep in mind that our ways of resting don't have to look like anyone else’s– and that’s ok. What are some ways you can resolve to rest this year?

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