5 Simple Tips for Starting a New Habit

5 Simple Tips for Starting a New Habit

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Taking on a new habit can be intimidating! Where should you start? How can you make sure to keep it up? Mum life is crazy but that doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze in a few practical habits to make it easier. No matter what practice you want to start implementing into your routine there are simple things you can do to make it stick.

1. Set a Specific Goal

First of all, be sure that whatever habit you want to start is defined by a specific goal. I like to set goals using the SMART method, which just means that my goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. That way I have direction about what I want to accomplish.

For instance, if I want to start taking vitamins consistently I would set a goal for myself like: I will take my Vitamin C pill with breakfast every morning for the next 30 days. Not only is this goal specific to what I plan to do, but it’s also clear about when I will do it and for how long. Writing out our intended habits this way helps make them feel more realistic and achievable long term!

2. Consistency is key

No matter what habit you’re trying to start, consistency is key! Whether that’s daily, every other day, or weekly, establishing an effective habit demands regular consistency. Although it’s difficult at first, remember that it’s the only way to turn an action from a forced act to a second-nature habit! You can do it!

3. Set Yourself Up for Success

Establishing a new routine is a challenge in itself, so why make it any harder than it has to be? As mums, we don’t exactly have time to spare, so doing little things to set ourselves up for success can make our habits more achievable! Try to prioritize little things like setting your workout clothes the night before early morning or spending 20 minutes before bed prepping lunches for the next day. These little things may seem simple but they can make practicing your habits less stressful when the time comes!

4. Find the Right Kind of Social Support

One of the most difficult parts of starting a new habit is finding the right support system! You can try telling your spouse or close friend that you’re going to start a new habit so that they can encourage you along the way. If it would be helpful, you can also ask for accountability! Sometimes asking someone to hold you to your word is good motivation, but it can also add stress for some people. Keep in mind what type of support system you thrive in and go from there!

5. Commit in Small increments

Bottom line– building a habit takes time! Most experts agree that it takes around 60 days to build a habit that will stick, but that can feel like ages in mum life! Instead, break it down into smaller increments. Whether it’s 1 week or 30 days at a time, dedicate your mind to these smaller goals and before you know it you’ll have a natural habit.

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