WO-MUM | A new approach to fashion for the everyday mum.

Balancing motherhood with eco-friendly living can often feel like a challenge. But we believe women shouldn’t have to sacrifice sustainable style and comfort during their pregnancy and nursing periods. While the nursing period may be brief, it should be celebrated with beautiful, sustainable clothing. 

With the modern woman & an eco-friendly approach to fashion in mind, WO-MUM was born.

We design and manufacture high-quality clothing items for women at every stage of motherhood– from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond. Our fabrics come from a GOTS-certified company in Germany and two other producers in the Czech Republic that are focused on providing sustainable and natural materials. We purchase high-quality fabrics so that we can create comfortable and elegant pieces. Our clothes are designed and created by mums.

You can either rent or buy our garments to suit your fashion needs. 

Learn about renting with Wo-mum here

Learn about our commitments to mums, women, and the environment here.  


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