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While pregnant, I had trouble finding maternity clothes that fit my style and needs. I was often left with choosing between either comfort or style. Disappointed in my options and wanting to make sure mothers had a more positive experience when searching for maternity wear, I decided to create my own maternity brand with a strong focus on quality, design, and sustainability.

Brand Founder, Jaroslava

We believe women do not have to sacrifice style or comfort simply because they became mothers.


Passionate About

We believe that maternity clothes can be both chic and functional. With us, you do not have to give up on quality and elegance, even when you need maximum comfort and flexibility. Our standards are high - we always aim to design timeless pieces that can look great on a woman even after postpartum. Our goal is to make women feel beautiful in the clothes they wear during all stages of motherhood.


An eco-friendly approach

It is apparent that we only need maternity clothes for a short period, whether pregnant or nursing. Maternity clothes are so quickly discarded and, therefore, play a role on the negative impact that fashion has on our planet.

When creating WO-MUM, this was another solution we wanted to be part of. As a mother, one begins to think about their child’s future and cannot avoid this crucial detail. This is why we decided to take part in the upcycling economy and recycle our pre-loved clothes.

Our rented clothes are up-cycled, and when that is no longer possible - recycled in a truly virtuous circle.


How Renting Works:

  1. You rent our clothes at a low price
  2. Love them for six months
  3. Return them and recover part of the money you invested
  4. The garment is loved by another mum

When you only use the clothes during the months you need them and return them for another mother to love and benefit from. Not only will you save on costs but will also reduce the likelihood of the garments ending up in a landfill.

Where we produce

The origin and quality of materials are one of our main focuses. We work with suppliers, mainly in the Czech market. However, If we do not find the highest quality suppliers here, we look to others in the European market.

Currently, our fabrics come from a GOTS-certified company in Germany and two other producers in the Czech Republic that are focused on providing sustainable and natural materials.

After receiving our fabrics, our garments are then designed and made by a member of our team, resulting in unique and well-fitted designs.

Quality is absolutely essential at Wo-mum, we focus on designing garments from good-quality fabrics that are comfortable to wear and that do not wear out after a few washes.


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