How to Meet New People (Other Mothers)

How to Meet New People (Other Mothers)

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As your family grows, your social circle can get a little smaller. You may find you don’t have as much in common with some of your girlfriends or no longer have compatible schedules with others (going out for drinks on a weeknight feels laughable!) Even though your heart is bursting with joy, your social calendar might not be. It’s time to find your mum tribe. 

Wo-mum is not just about making sustainable, fashionable clothing for mums. We’re also creating a community of mums in all stages of motherhood who care about protecting the planet and supporting each other. If you are a social butterfly who wants to spread your wings or have a quiet conversation over a cup of coffee, we’ve got ideas on how you can meet other mums in your area. 

1.  Your local library/community center

We know we’re not the only ones with beautiful childhood memories in the local library. Don’t overlook the libraries and community centers in your area, they often host events for children like read-alouds, sing-a-longs, and arts & crafts. Your little one will be happy (and busy!) and you can meet mums that live nearby.

2. Facebook Groups

Instead of using Facebook to see what your high school classmates are up to, try joining groups in your local area specifically made for mums and kids. Search “moms and kids in Stockholm,” “moms in Munich,” or “stay-at-home moms in [insert your city here]” You will be surprised how many mums live in your neighborhood. Who better to ask for advice on where to find a local pediatrician or a kid-friendly restaurant? After you connect with someone, take initiative and schedule a playdate for the kids (and mums) at your local playground.

3. Mummy and me classes

If you’re ready to jumpstart your postpartum fitness routine or prefer to exercise in a group, try a mummy and me class in your local area. You can exercise in a non-judgmental setting, find workouts accessible to you, and be able to bring your little one along. Why not invite a fellow mum to go for a walk after class? Pushing your strollers together is a great way to get fresh air, and exercise, plus it’s much more engaging than sitting in a coffee shop. 

4. The peanut app

We love this app because it connects mums in all stages of life and motherhood. Peanut lets you join groups/communities based on common interests, find support, and seek advice. You can also “swipe” on other mums in your area who are looking to make connections and have similar values.

5. Join a book club

If you like to read, or just to talk and drink wine, seek out a women’s book club offered by your local bookstore. It’s convenient to bring your kids along when you’re making new friends, but we understand you sometimes want a break and adult-only conversations. Book clubs usually meet only once a month which gives you enough time to coordinate with your hubby or plan a sitter. And we won’t judge if you don’t have time to finish the book. 

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