Journal Prompts for Moms

Journal Prompts for Moms

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Journaling is a sacred practice that can often get overlooked by busy moms! Even taking 10–15 minutes in the morning to write out your thoughts can set the tone for your day. But if you’ve never journaled before it can be difficult to know where to start. 

Personally, I like to buy a new journal for the start of every year. Even if my journal from the previous year isn’t completely filled, it’s a nice way to have a fresh start for the new year! With that, I try to find at least 10 minutes as many days as I can to sit in (somewhat) quiet so I can gather my thoughts. 

Whether I’m stressed, at peace, or not sure how I’m feeling, I find that journaling is a super helpful centering practice. It shifts my perspective and helps cultivate an attitude of gratitude in my life! 

Sometimes I’m not in the mood to journal or unsure what to journal about– that’s when it’s time to turn to the journal prompts! So, here are 15 simple prompts to get your journaling juices flowing!

  1. 3 things I’m grateful for today
  2. What brings me joy?
  3. What is my goal for today? This month? This year?
  4. How can I achieve my goal?
  5. I feel most relaxed when…
  6. I feel most stressed when…
  7. What can I control today?
  8. A quality I love about myself is…
  9. How can I love my kids well this week?
  10. What do I wish I had more time for? How can I make time?
  11. I am proud of myself for…
  12. Being a mother means…
  13. My body is amazing because…
  14. How can I be kind to myself?
  15. What is my favorite thing about my kids at this age?

No matter if you’ve never journaled in your life or are on journal #8, I hope that these prompts encourage and challenge you to reflect on your life and acknowledge the beauty of it! Remember that there is no “right” way to journal and that’s what makes this process so special. You deserve 10 minutes a day to process these aspects of life– so let’s get to journaling!

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