Why Being a Mum Makes You Better at Your Job

Why Being a Mum Makes You Better at Your Job

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Becoming a mum is a life-changing experience! Not only are your routine and priorities shifted when you become a mum but your skillset also expands. Returning to work after becoming a mum may actually make you better at your job than before! You’re stretched in new ways than you thought possible and your experience can help both at home and in the workplace. Let’s discuss why being a mum can make you a better employee.

Your Purpose Becomes Bigger Than Yourself

When we have kids, they become the center of our world! Suddenly, the pressures and stress of work may not feel as weighty because nothing matters as much as the well-being of our kids. This doesn’t mean we no longer value our work, it just means that we understand how much more there is to life than our jobs! And that can make us more intentional about the work we put in day to day.

Helps Maximize Your Time

One of the most important skills we develop as mums is multitasking. From balancing work and home life to keeping up with our kids' needs, we have to be able to maximize our time well! This skill translates well into the workplace, where multitasking is often required to meet deadlines and stay on top of projects. By making the most of the time we spend at work and home, we are able to prioritize tasks and stay (somewhat) organized in order to get everything done efficiently.

You Bring More Patience & Empathy to the Workplace

Being a mum naturally makes you more empathetic and requires a lot of patience. We constantly have to be in tune with our children’s needs, responding with kindness and compassion as best we can! This empathy can be a valuable asset in the workplace, where understanding the needs and perspectives of our coworkers is essential.

Raising kids also demands an excessive amount of patience. Whether we’re waiting for our kids to finish eating or do the chores we’ve asked of them, we’re constantly practicing patience. These skills allow us to connect with others in the workplace on a deeper level and create meaningful relationships that can lead to greater success.

Sets an Example for Your Kids

Being a working mum also sets a positive example for our kids! It teaches them the value of hard work and dedication towards achieving their goals. When our kids see us working hard it can encourage them to value a strong work ethic as they get older. As working mums, we also have to balance work and family responsibilities, which teaches our kids that they can chase after their dreams while still loving their family well!

Being mums help us develop important skills that make us better at our jobs. From multitasking to adaptability and empathy, we bring a unique perspective to the workplace that can lead to greater success for ourselves and our teams. So the next time you feel like you're struggling to balance it all, remember that being a mom can make you a better employee and a more valuable asset!

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